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Universal Car Window Sun Shade
Universal Car Window Sun Shade
Universal Car Window Sun Shade
Universal Car Window Sun Shade

Universal Car Window Sun Shade

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Summer is here and thousands of people are spending more time in their cars traveling.

This means that cars are going to be very hot during the summer season and millions will feel the effects of the heat while in their car. Kids, Babies, and Pets are especially at great risk due to their vulnerability.

How can you protect yourself from the summer heat and the suns glare?

Introducing the Universal Car Window Sun Shade  constructed with a durable mesh fabric. This Window Sun Shade eliminates sun glare, reduces interior heat, reduces visibility inside the car, and allows the window down for your pet, but keeps them inside the vehicle, all while allowing amazing air flow into the vehicle.




Q: Will this fit my car?

A:  Our sun shade fits most vehicles. The stretchy material ensures it can cover most doors. 
Measuring 20.07" X 17.32" and stretches to 44.48"X 20.07".

Q: Can I lower or raise the window while using the sun shade?

A: Absolutely! Our sun shade will not obstruct your window from lowering or raising. Your window will move freely within the sun shade, allowing as much air into your vehicle as you would like.

Q: How about the visibility?
A: Our sun shade does not effect the visibility for the passengers inside the vehicle. 

Q: Will the sun shade come off while driving?
A:  No. The bottom of our sun shade curtain is elastic and will stay firmly wrapped around your window.


  • Eliminates sun glare
  • Reduces interior heat and prevention from getting burned or overheated
  • Eliminate high temperatures, eliminate sun glare, and protect your privacy 
  • Great for pets, allows the window down while keeping your pet inside


  • Heat Insulation Rate: 60%-80%.
  • Ultraviolet Blocking Rate: 60%-80%.
  • Transmittance: 20%-40%.
  • Machine washable

  • 2 x Universal Car Window Sun Shades

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Perfect for the little one

    I love these because I can put my windows down for a nice breeze and absolutely no bright sun or much of any sun gets in through them, which is perfect for my little one!

    Great for my dog

    Great for my dog Goose who loves to hang out the back window a little to much and scares me half to death. This screen keeps him in and he gets to enjoy the cool breeze. Great idea for pet owners.

    Keeps it cool

    Love it! Fits the windows almost perfectly there is a slight little sliver that shows at the bottom but ain't​ no thang but a chicken wing. It keeps out a good portion of the light and helps keep it a bit cooler. You can roll down then windows and it stays and helps keep out the bugs. One thing I'm surprised with is when it rains and gets wet the inside still stays dry (I kinda figured it would seep through and be damp on the inside but that doesn't happen). I'm glad I purchased this item.

    A Genius Temporary Fix for Shading the Kids while Driving!

    This is a tremendous idea! My wife and I have two children we stow in the backseat of an old car. Tinting an old car seems like a gamble, since we're pretty sure it's near the end of its life. It's extremely easy, my 2-year-old could put them on. This shades the back seat of our car extremely well, it's bright in the front with my wife and I, but the back seat is almost dark on the brightest days, I love it!


    I moved from Boston to The Sunshine State FL where it goes from hot to inferno. My car doesnt have tints but these shades have been awesome. Put on my backseat windows where my kids sit and they love the shades. They love that they can roll the window down and still have shade